Loyalty System - Nature7

Loyalty System



For every Euro you spend with NATUREACTIVE you receive a credit of 1 loyalty point which is valued at 3 cent. You can choose to use these points on your next order, or you can let them accumulate and use some of them, or all of them on a future purchase.

When you log in you will be reminded of how many points you have, and when you go to purchase you will be asked how many points you want to use. Every month you will be sent an email of your points total.

Points earned can be used on all purchases except when using a Coupon Code.



From time to time we will issue coded numbers for specific promotions. These codes should be entered in the coupon box on the payment page. They will have a specific value either in Euros or as a percentage, and will have a specific expiry date.

If you need any additional information on the loyalty points system or the coupon codes, please email us at info@natureactive.ie


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