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Teapigs Matcha Superpower Green 30g Tin

Teapigs Matcha Superpower Green 30g Tin

Concentrated Organic Green Tea Powder 30g.

We like to think of matcha as a sort of superhero amongst teas, as it's super concentrated green tea powder that's packed with antioxidants and nutrients.

teapigs matcha comes from the renowned Nishio region in Japan, where the tea leaves are grown under cover to produce lots of amino acids and chlorophyll (the bright green good stuff).  The leaves are then dried and very slowly ground by a granite stone to a very fine powder, which is then packed and sealed immediately to lock in all the nutrients.

In Japan matcha has been a ceremonial beverage drunk by Buddhist monks and royalty for over 900 years.  But you needn't feel foolish if you have never heard of it as, until now, virtually all matcha has been consumed within Japan.

A 1g shot of matcha tea provides:

  • 137 times the antioxidants of standard green tea.
  • 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice.
  • 9 times the beat carotene of spinach.

Organically grown matcha from Japan (100% ground green tea leaves).

To make a shot add 1/4 teaspoon to 30ml water, juice or milk and whisk vigorously. This pack makes 30 shots.

Once opened, refrigerate and consume with 30 days.

Product details:
Size 30g