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AlmaWin Starter Offer

AlmaWin Starter Offer

Get started cleaning with the Cleanest cleaning brand available. This selection of AlmaWin products will help you get through most of your cleaning with the satisfaction of knowing you are using products that don't just clean well but are 100% biodegradable and ideal for people with skin sensitivity.

Starter Pack Consists of:

Washing Up Liquid 500ml R.S.P. € 2.95

Bathroom Cleaner Spray 500ml R.S.P. € 4.55

Liquid Detergent 750ml R.S.P. € 5.85

Orange Oil Cleaner 500ml R.S.P. € 8.95

Oxygen Bleaching Agent 500g R.S.P. € 5.50

Total Recommended Sales Price € 27.80

Starter Offer Price € 25.50

Product details: