The Early Teen Years are the prefect time to develop good Facial Care and Skin Care habits. Here’s our top starting tips for Cleansing . .

  • Wash morning and evening with a gentle face wash and warm water. Harsh face washes can strip delicate skin and cause irritation
  • Gently wash using a small amount of product and use your fingers to lightly build a lather. Avoid your eye area. Rinse with warm water
  • Dab or pat your skin dry with a clean, soft towel. Rubbing your skin harshly will irritate it, can cause sensitivity and in some cases encourage oil production
  • During the day keep those hands and fingers away from your face as much as possible. Remember dirt and germs from your hands (and your mobile phone) will transfer onto your skin
  • Avoid over cleansing the skin. If your wash is working for you, morning and night cleansing is enough. Excessive washing can strip the skin of natural oils and increase sensitivity and stimulate your oil glands to produce even more oil!
  • Remember what you eat is very important at this time. A well balanced diet and plenty of water is the foundation for healthy, glowing skin

The skin is undergoing lots of changes during the teenage years, and this is a really good time to develop proper Facial Care and Skin Care habits. Excessive oil production can result in blemishes, spots, acne and sometimes even dryness and increased sensitivity when incorrect skincare is used.If in doubt what to use, speak to a skincare specialist. If Acne becomes a problem for you, get in touch with your doctor.

Borlind Purifying Care Cleanser is a mild, natural anti-bacterial deep pore cleanser that is the perfect start to your early cleansing routine.

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