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November is almost upon us and men all over Ireland are gearing up for Movember, today we are taking a look at men’s skin and some products for the grooming of that mo.
During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Ireland and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer.
Once registered at each Mo Bro must begin his hairy journey on the 1st of Movember with a smooth, clean shaven face. If you join the campaign a few day late don’t worry, the Mo the merrier. For the entire month each Mo Bro must grow and groom a mustache and here’s where a few basic rules come in, there is to be no joining of the mo to the sideburns (that’s considered a beard), there’s to be no joining of the handlebars to the chin (that’s considered a goatee) and each Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true gentleman.

Some quick facts about Men’s Skin

  • Men’s skin cancer has doubled over the last 30 years, partly because they do not use sun block.
  • 70% of women are buying men’s skincare products for their man, because the men don’t care about it.
  • Men’s skin is 30% more oily and is thicker than women’s.
  • After the age of 30 men’s skin ages more quickly and more noticeably.

Most men prefer a simple skincare regime, for the majority it’s a quick shower, shave and out the door. Green People’s Organic Homme range delivers ‘power-packed’ natural men's products to meet every man’s grooming needs and helps to combat everyday problems like razor burn, skin irritations, in-grown hairs and itchy scalp.


 Scrub It Exfoliator – A natural and organic exfoliator and face wash. Suitable for men who may be prone to eczema, psoriasis, acne & skin blemishes which help to lift the hair from the skin making shaving easier and removes dead skin cells. Natural clay extracts draw out toxins from the skin eliminating blemishes.

 Shave Now Wash &Shave Gel-Soothing face wash and shaving gel which helps to prevent razor burn and reduce nicks and cuts. Many men shave after showering when the skin is moist, but for sensitive skin, that may not be enough. You need an emollient-based shaving cream that, when applied to the skin, softens the hair and follicle so that when a razor goes across the skin, there is less irritation. Typical foam shaving creams are not emollient enough; this gentle shaving gel is made without alcohol and does not dry the skin like shaving. Organic Aloe Vera soothes and conditions even the most sensitive skin, perfect for that pre Movember shave!

Cool Down Moisturiser- A certified organic, non-greasy after shave moisturiser which helps  replace the natural oils needed for healthy skin, Shea Butter and Almond Oil soothe skin following shaving while Tee Tree and Mint essential Oils guard against spots.

Itch Away Shampoo- Contains Tea Tree which is strongly antibacterial, together with Pineapple enzymes to control irritation and rebalance a flaky scalp. This gentle shampoo soothes irritated skin and banishes dandruff and flaky skin.


If you have any questions about men's  skincare do get in touch and do send us pictures of those Movember moustaches!