It’s getting chilly out there, winter is fast approaching and we are all cranking up the heat in an effort to stay warm.  Winter can wreak havoc on our complexions - and our hands, faces and bodies can all suffer.

After months of cold weather combined with central heating, it begins to take its toll on our skin, leaving it feeling tight, dry and lack lustre.

What happens to our skin in winter?

Skin is stripped of its natural moisture by wind, central heating and low humidity. Even people who don't normally suffer from dry skin can find the winter months a problem. When the skin becomes dry, the lipids (fats) that help stick skin cells together and prevent water loss are lost. Without them, the cells don't stick well together and flake off. The skin's barrier ceases to be as effective because it's lost some of its natural protective moisturisers.
Other winter skin problems can include: chafing from damp conditions, dry, chapped lips and a flushed weather-beaten look; caused by fluctuating blood vessels when you go between extreme temperatures.

Skin Solutions

Body-It can be chilly first thing in the morning, don’t be tempted to turn your shower up the max-hot water followed by cool, dry air is a key culprit when it comes to rough, itchy, dry skin. Keep showers short and lukewarm. To lock in moisture post-shower, pat — don't rub skin dry and use a rich body lotion. We love Green People’s Body Comfort made with Aloe Vera, it soothes and hydrates skin.

Face- Think about layering, perhaps a serum under a hydrating moisturiser, topped off with a sunblock. To keep dry flaking skin at bay, consider light exfoliation once a week. Annemarie Borlind’s Aquanature range is made with Hyaluronic Acid and really helps to hydrate and protect against winter dryness.

Lips-Even the most luxurious lip gloss can't salvage chapped lips. Step away from habit forming petroleum based products and choose a Shea Butter or Aloe Vera lip balm instead to protect against chapping, we wrote about Lip Balms a few weeks ago  you can read it here.

Hands- Our hands take a bashing in the winter, between all that washing trying to prevent flu and cold germs and the skin on our hands is thinner than other areas of the body so keeping a good natural hand cream on your desk and applying a few times daily helps to protect against chapped rough skin ad wearing gloves outdoors.

One of the best ways to winter proof skin is from the inside out.

Top Skin nourishing foods

Antioxidant rich dark leafy vegetables - eat lots of spinach, curly kale and broccolli

Antioxidant rich fruits like blueberries (also high in vitamin C and potassium)

Protein - oily fish (salmon, tuna) which are high in omega 3, and dark chocolate! its rich in B vitamins

Omega Oils- are a must have winter supplement,they provide  moisture from the inside out and help to protect skin cells.

Water-hydrate to radiate!  Drinking 8 glasses a day helps to keep skin plump and healthy and also flushes out toxins.


If you need any help Winter Proofing your skin , do get in touch , we love to hear from you- you can contact us by leaving a comment below , or through Facebook or Twitter