Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and often reflects the state of our health, as we go through life our skin evolves with us. In childhood our skin is peachy soft and delicate and as we grow our skin takes on lines and wrinkles, we like to think of these as laughter lines! However we live in a world obsessed with beauty and appearance so our skin is often one of the first things noticed about us. First impressions last as they say and we want to help with this so we have put together a list of beauty don’ts! Avoiding these 7 skin sins will help to maintain your youthful looks.


  1. Stop Smoking- Smoking deprives the skin of Vitamin C which is vital to the preservation of collagen in the body, collagen gives skin that plump appearance and lack of it leads to premature wrinkles. Smoking also takes away our natural radiance and leaves a grey hue to the skin. Do yourself and your skin a favour quit now and spend the money on a good natural skincare instead!
  2. Mobile Phones-We spend so much time on our mobile phones these days without considering that every time we put our phone to our ear we are transferring germs and dirt from our phones directly to our faces. It’s a good idea to clean our phones weekly with an anti -bacterial wipe.
  3. Sun Baking- As much as we love the sun, the effects of overexposure are huge, Firstly it causes signs of ageing by breaking down the collagen in our skin and creating wrinkles and that leather handbag look is never good. Always use at least SPF 15 daily even in the winter, UV rays penetrate cloud and just because we can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there. Good news is that it’s now fashionable to be pale again.
  4. Picking Spots- A spot always arrives at the worst time, the day before a wedding or a big night out and the temptation is to squeeze it. Step away from the mirror now! Picking spots can spread bacteria to other areas causing more breakouts and also picking spots can lead to scarring. So its best avoided.
  5. Dehydration- Water makes up half of our bodies weight and is needed for every function our body performs. It maintains skin elasticity and prevents dryness. Symptoms of dehydration include dry wrinkled skin, lack of skin elasticity, headaches and tiredness. We can’t stress it enough- hydrate to radiate! Your skin will thank you for it.
  6. Too Little Sleep- Late to bed and early to rise is how most of us live, really we need our 8 hours sleep and so does our skin. Skin repairs itself overnight by producing more proteins which are the building blocks of tissues and cells, Our skin also detoxifies itself overnight also so its important not to smother skin in overly rich creams at night. 8hours is recommended; remember its not called beauty sleep for nothing!
  7. Junk Food-Our skin is nourished from the inside out and what goes in shows on the outside. Processed foods are a big skin sin. Processed foods can contain chemicals added for preservation purposes which can build up in the body and may be linked to certain skin conditions such as acne. Our skin needs a diet rich in nutrients to remain healthy. Try filling at least 1/3 of your plate with veg at every meal.

Whats your biggest Skin Sin? Can we help you resolve it?